Another Blockage to Healing – Rejection

Many of us have not grown up in an openly loving environment. We have either been rewarded for our performance or punished for a lack thereof! Perhaps we come from a broken home through divorce or domestic violence and we bring the  idea into our christian lives,  thinking that God treats us in the same way.  This or other conditions that I will list below are often the causes of us feeling, unwanted, abandoned or just rejected by people who are supposed to be our friends . The ones we are close to and should be able to trust.

Here are some instances where rejection can take a hold in our lives, often before we know too much so we just learn to adapt , not realising this is a spiritual problem that can be dealt with and overcome.

Either pre birth or at our birth being not wanted,  or even removed from the mother’s care and being placed in a cot with little attention, whilst the mother is legitimately being attended to and receiving medication or aftercare.

Being bullied at school, for some reason or another , perhaps  wearing spectacles or being deaf or hard of hearing. Children can be very cruel and it is NOT  true “that sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me!”

Possibly, failing to get into that special school because your grades were not good enough to merit a place.

Feeling that first teenage rush of passion and not having it reciprocated can also  trigger a feeling of rejection, as well as a myriad of other circumstances in life.

Divorce, bereavement are two more openings.

So what about God – He says that we are accepted in the beloved. He calls us His children not only reborn but also adopted! He does not punish us but sees us through His Son and has compassion upon us.

Our Father is so concerned about this problem that He rejected Jesus,  so that we might be accepted!

Also in the 1990s He sent worldwide revival through places like Toronto, Pensacola, Smithton MO and Sunderland, England. Millions traveled to these centers and found a real life changing experience of the Father’s Heart and love for them. This was then breaking out all over the world where the churches were open to the Holy Spirit!

Many years ago now I was in a part of Denmark when the Holy Spirit fell on the churches that had assembled together. I remember one little boy who was wearing a sweater several sizes too large for him with the sleeves extending far below his fingers. Suddenly, he beganto shake under the power of the Holy Spirit, so I called out anyone who is sick come immediately and you WILL be healed. I called the little boy over and pulled up his sweater so that he could “lay hands on the sick.”  To my horror, I could see that on one hand he was missing several fingers and THAT was why he wanted to keep it covered! It was too late to stop, so we continued calling out the sick ones and as he laid his little deformed hand upon them, they began falling to the ground as Jesus touched them.

The next day there were so many wonderful testimonies of healings and I noticed that he, the little boy , had returned to the service, but this time he was wearing a short sleeved shirt. When I asked him about how he felt,  he said ” I did not know there was so much power in my bad hand ” I think rejection left him when he realized that God not only could accept him like that, but also USE him!

Whether or not you accept that a born again christian could come under the influence of a spirit or not, many hundreds if not thousands of people who sought prayer had their lives transformed when that deep feeling finally left their souls!

Beloved YOU are accepted in Him. He was rejected by the Father so that YOU can be accepted. believe it and go free!