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  • Another Blockage to Healing – Rejection

    Many of us have not grown up in an openly loving environment. We have either been rewarded for our performance or punished for a lack thereof! Perhaps we come from a broken home through divorce or domestic violence and we bring the  idea into our christian lives,  thinking that God treats us in the same […]

  • The Main Blockage to Healing

    In my 42 plus years of consistently praying for sick people to be healed I have discovered that it is NOT a lack of faith , nor unbelief but it is DOUBT that stops people from receiving their healing. People believe that God can heal them but they doubt that He will do it for […]

  • Healing Testimony

    A testimony from the meetings at Grand Rapids MI This really brings out the grace and love of God, the report comes from the Pastor:

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Testimonies from Mentorees

Here are some of the testimonies that have been posted on the Members Forum by the mentorees

- A lady with severe leg pains healed

- Gluten Intolerance healed

- Breast cancer healed

- Crohns disease healed

- Buddhist friend's back healed

- Damaged leg restored and now pain free

- Detailed word of knowledge and a lady is healed in her teeth through God revealing a problem in her kidneys!

- Some mentorees have started "skype"  healing calls and have reported healings from several places all over the country

- Man healed totally of Sciatica in response to a word of knowledge

- Dinner party healing for a witch through a word of knowledge- who now wants to attend church with her daughters!

- Large infected blister and high temperature both healed

- Hip pain disappears in church parking lot as a mentoree prays

- Short arm grows and shoulders straighten

- Advanced stage of cancer healed

- A lady in a wheelchair was greatly touched by the Holy Spirt when a mentoree prayed for her in the aisles!

- Lady healed of chronic asthma as a result of a vision!