Lesson 4

– Understanding the Principles

These are the principles that I want you to take away this month

1. Look unto Jesus for the result and to the person to increase confidence in them in what you are sharing.. In other words in your eye of faith keep your eyes looking to Jesus and carry out any instructions that you receive from that action.

2. Share a message of healing, before praying as faith comes by hearing. At the same time keep eye contact so you can see faith arise in the persons heart and eyes.

3. Try to paint a word picture so that the person being prayed for can both understand the scriptures and “see” them in their imagination!

4. Do not forget to tell them NOT to pray or praise God either before or during the prayer, tell them healing is a gift, already paid for by Jesus and has to be received , so keep the channel open.




Helping YOU to fulfill your destiny

Lesson 3

– Practical Application

Here is the challenge for this month.

Find a christian who is unwell and offer to pray for them

When you do this I want you all to share the first week’s scriptures in full. Look at the person whilst you are sharing and look for a “light to come in , in their eyes” as the revelation is coming to them.

When that happens stop talking or sharing and tell them to just relax as you are about to pray for them. It is very important that you tell them to be sure not to pray or try to receive their healing. Lay your hands lightly upon them and command the sickness to leave in the Name of Jesus. If your hand trembles or appears to become hot, keep your hand in place until the sensation has passed.

Finally ask them to do something that they could not do before . For instance, if they had experienced difficulties in breathing, have them take a deep breath, again in the Name of Jesus.




Helping YOU to fulfill your destiny

Post your testimonies in the Forum so that we can all be blessed and encouraged.

Lesson 2

Welcome back to your mentorees course.

– Equipping by Ian Andrews

I trust that you have prayed over last weeks text and received revelation of your own from your studies.

You will notice on your Dashboard that a Forum has been set up. This is for YOU, please share the revelations that God gave you, ask any questions. In that way, all the Mentorees will be able to see the postings and we can all learn that much quicker with shared revelation.

Here is what God showed me from those passages.

I want to welcome you to the 2nd week of month one. This is where you get all the information that God has shared with me over the last forty years, so diving straight into the passage, why did God say the tenth day?

Well, I expect you already understand that the number five is the number that represent the Grace of God. This is something that we receive from God, that we don’t deserve, we can’t work for, and we can’t earn, but if you take five and  times it by  two, I can’t help having a background as an accountant, if you take five times two that’s ten, and five multiplied by two, indicates that this is something that God Himself is predetermining that He wants to do, and so on the tenth day this is what it actually does mean, that God is determined to let His grace flow to the children of Israel. Remember this all happens before the Law is brought in!

It’s not just grace that could be or perhaps not, but it is predetermined grace that is flowing to all the children of Israel. The fact that He told them to take a lamb for a house is very interesting because actually, God never intended individual salvation but He intended household salvation.  That was why Paul said in the Book of Acts, to the jailer, don’t do yourself any harm; you and your whole household will be saved.

What did they have to do with the lamb? Well, they had to eat the lamb, they had to partake of the lamb, that lamb had to go down inside of them, and it became part of them. What type of lamb was it? Well, it was the Passover lamb. That was the first Passover where God past over the children of Israel and  brought death to the Egyptians.

The Passover part of it is linked to Jesus who is God’s Passover Lamb. As they ate the lamb even though it doesn’t say in this passage that everybody was healed, in the Book of Psalms it makes a reference to this passage,  and it says that  when they left Egypt there wasn’t one sick or feeble one among their tribes.

Who did God speak to, when He said all of this wonderful truth? He spoke to his servant Moses and He told Moses, speak to all, and all means ALL speak to all the children of Israel.

Therefore in the same way, that healing is for everyone, salvation is for everyone, we have to learn to live with the tension that not everyone is saved, and not everyone is healed, but that doesn’t restrict us from praying for everyone.

Exodus 12 :


Exodus 15 vs 22 – 26



Numbers 21 vs 4 – 9


John3 v 13






Lesson 1

 Exodus 12


I would like to welcome you to the first lesson of this course and in the first week of each month I will be giving you a set of scriptures that I want you to read, pray over and I want you to dig in to the kind of obscure passages that you will be reading.

Why did God say certain things, because if you do this and you find the answer out this will increase your faith level tremendously to be able to be confident in God’s word.

The first lesson is Exodus and chapter 12, I just want you to read and think about why did God say the tenth day and why did God take a lamb. Why didn’t He have beef or pork or chicken or something why did he take a lamb?

Exodus 15 vs 22- 26

 Numbers 21 vs 4 – 9 

The third scripture, I hope you didn’t think that you’re just going to receive once small passage, because the third scripture is to be found in the Book of Numbers Chapter 21 starting to read at verse 4.

Why were the children of Israel miserable?

Why were they moaning?

Why were they crying?

What happened and what was the remedy?

Try to see more into the remedy that God gave to the children of Israel and to Moses and see who the remedy was for.

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John 3 v 13 

The next scripture you will go to the New Testament to John Chapter 3 and verse 13. I want you to see how Jesus linked what he was about to accomplish back to the passage in numbers Chapter 21. So, what do you think are the implications of Jesus linking this passage back to the Book of Numbers and saying as Moses lifted up the serpent out into the wilderness I must be lifted up? Helping you to fulfill your destiny


Helping YOU to fulfill your destiny