Month 9 – Scriptures


I want to welcome you to month nine, and week one. And here we’d introduce something very, very different.

We have laid the foundation pretty much for you, I think. The scriptures are your foundation, your relationship with God is your foundation. Your understanding of covenant is your foundation, the understanding of all the gifts of the Spirit and what makes them operate and how they work are your foundation.

Now, we’re going on to something a little deeper, a little more interesting. The Bible says they who know their God, shall be strong and do exploits. Well, how do we know God?

How do we know our God? How can we find Him in the scriptures?

I believe that God is challenging the Church very much at moment to know Him and then to then know the power of His resurrection. And I don’t think we’ll know one without the other. First we have to get to know God. How can we get to know God? Well, He has given us certain Names,

He says, ” I am the Lord, Healer, I am the Lord, Your Righteousness, I am the Lord of Hope, I am the Lord a very present help in time of trouble, I am the Lord of peace, and I am the Lord of the too much.”

So, your task for this week in month nine is to find and search the scriptures, find out how many names of God there are recorded in the scriptures, and then see how you relate to those names. Do you, for instance, know that He is Jehovah Jireh, Lord who will provide? And then when you are in need, do you immediately panic, or do you immediately go to see the bank manager and get a line of credit, or a loan? Or do you really go to God and expect Him to honor, that which is His name.

This would just give you a little taste of where we’re going to go in month 9 and possibly in month 10 because it’s a very big subject. But I want you this week to get your Bibles out, get your concordances out, and really study and work now on what are the names of God and what do they mean in my life and to me, personally.

Helping you to fulfil your destiny.




Helping YOU to fulfill your destiny

2 Responses to “Month 9 – Scriptures”

  1. Stephen Smith says:

    When I thought of Names of God instantly I thought of Jesus being the Prince of Peace. It feels like a fight to stay in his peace. But a fight worth having.

  2. David and Lesley says:

    One of the most significant names of God for me personally is “The God who restores” This is because in the early 1990’s, my life was in ruins with financial ruin, house repossession, unemployment and a failing marriage, At that time, I could not see any way out of the situation and to all intents and purposes my life seemed to be over. However, through healing and deliverance ministry God has fulfilled his promise that he will restore the years that the locusts have eaten
    (Joel 2:25) After much ministry, I did get a job again, our finances are now in good order and our marriage has been completely restored. We now own our own home again and furthermore, God has opened up ministry at our church where we, together, lead the Prayer Ministry Team. God is good!

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