Bill Johnson

Ian Andrews is one of the purist gifts to the body of Christ that I know. His experience in healing is rare, making this new online mentoring course


James Maloney

I’ve known Ian Andrews now for many years, and we’ve ministered together


Suzette Hattingh

The man that walked to the platform is slim, unassuming and almost shy.


Pastor Lonnie Shields

I first met Ian Andrews in the late 1970s when he spoke at the Michigan Camp Farthest Out.


Pastor Paul & Margie Arends

For those who are looking to begin their supernatural journey into healing ministry or


Reverend Phil Whitehead

lan & Rosemary Andrews ministry has had a deep and lasting impact on the


Katherine Ruonala

Ian Andrews carries a powerful healing anointing and a gift for teaching and imparting this anointing to others.


Equipping, Fulfilling, Healing, Miracles

WELCOME to iEquippers website. It is time to get equipped, fulfil your destiny and DO the works of Jesus. If you want to see healings taking place in the  church, on the streets, demonstrate the love of God to people then iEquippers is here for you. An online mentoring course that will take you from the very basic concepts of divine healing into more and more of the intricate ways of God , as you progress.

Ian Andrews has not only been involved in the healing ministry for over 46 years and is recognised globally as one of the Fathers in the current day outpouring of Grace and his passion is to share and teach what God has given him. He has consistently seen people healed of all kinds of diseases in well over 60 countries across the world. He has trained healing teams, a crusade evangelist, leaders and thousands of people during this time, who are now traveling and exercising their own healing ministries. Through the iEquippers online course, his unique teaching techniques will enable and equip YOU to move powerfully in the Kingdom of God.

This course is suitable for both young and old, as everyone can be enabled to walk in these gifts. Find the subscription applicable to you, sign up TODAY and be prepared for God to start to use you from the very first month!

“YOU” shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover …

Check out the course contents and the testimonies of current students – be truly inspired

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If you want to find out more about Ian and Rosemary Andrews' ministry please visit citadelministries.com

Testimonies from Mentorees

Here are some of the testimonies that have been posted on the Members Forum by the mentorees

- A lady with severe leg pains healed

- Gluten Intolerance healed

- Breast cancer healed

- Crohns disease healed

- Buddhist friend's back healed

- Damaged leg restored and now pain free

- Detailed word of knowledge and a lady is healed in her teeth through God revealing a problem in her kidneys!

- Some mentorees have started "skype"  healing calls and have reported healings from several places all over the country

- Man healed totally of Sciatica in response to a word of knowledge

- Dinner party healing for a witch through a word of knowledge- who now wants to attend church with her daughters!

- Large infected blister and high temperature both healed

- Hip pain disappears in church parking lot as a mentoree prays

- Short arm grows and shoulders straighten

- Advanced stage of cancer healed

- A lady in a wheelchair was greatly touched by the Holy Spirt when a mentoree prayed for her in the aisles!

- Lady healed of chronic asthma as a result of a vision!