Q: Who can enroll in the Mentoring program?

A. Any of the following:

* Any one who has a passion to see God’s power flowing through their lives! either in the church or in one of the other 7 Mountains/Spheres of Influence (a non-church organization).


Q: What are the 7 Mountains/Spheres of Influence?

A: The Church, Media & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Education, The Arts, Business & Economics, and Government (Visit www.reclaim7mountains.com for more info).


Q: Who can I enroll in the Mentoring program with me?

A: This program is intended for you as an individual but , of course, you may share the materials with your spouse.


Q: Will the Mentoring program result in additional costs for me for reading and other materials ?

A: Possibly. References will be made to Ian Andrews books, Cds and DVDs throughout the course but it is not essential that you purchase them. A discount coupon will be sent to allow all registrants for the program to receive a 20% discount on those materials should they desire to make purchases.


Q: Can I participate in this program if I do not have high-speed internet available?

A: Yes. However, you will greatly benefit from periodic access to a high-speed internet connection for the purpose of viewing recorded video conferences, downloading listening materials, etc.


Q: Will my performance in this program be “graded?”

A: While your work is not graded, you must complete 80% of the assignments to successfully fulfill the 1st year Mentoring program and to become eligible for the following year of the program.


Q: What is the deadline to enroll in this program?

A: There is no deadline but everyone starts at month 1, whenever they join.


Q: When does this program begin and end?

A: You will be sent one lesson per month and you may stop at any time.


Q: When is my enrollment fee due?

A: A recurring monthly payment is due when you register. Payment plans are detailed in the first step of the registration process. You may stop receiving the course by stopping your recurring subscription.


Q: How can I continue after taking the course?

A: Membership to The International Association of Healing Ministries and ordination into the ministry will be granted to graduates with the possibility of travel as a team member with Ian Andrews.