About iEquippers

Having traveled and ministered in nearly seventy nations, God has told me to take my healing equipping ministry online and make it available globally.

This is the vehicle that we are using to enable this to be accomplished.

All across the world we believe that people will be trained to heal the sick and thus we will have a small part in training a huge end time army to bringin the Kingdom of God.


Ian will be sharing his knowledge that has been gained through walking with God in healing ministry for over 42 years. But more than that he will be sharing his life with the Mentorees. He will impart his revelation, and his pitfalls so that the wheel does not have to be reinvented every generation. Ian will be your personal life coach in the healing ministry – an opportunity NOT to be missed.

All aspects of the healing ministry will be covered over the two year course, starting with a biblical understanding of faith and how to and how not to apply it to the scriptures, through to understanding the anointing, the place of the demonic in causing sickness as well as leading you into an open heaven and creative body part miracles.


We look forward to welcoming you inside this membership site and learning of all the powerful healings that are accomplished by God through YOU !!!


Inside you will find a forum that will enable you to make contact with other Mentorees from around the world.

We have tried to make this as affordable as possible but if there are any churches that would like to sponsor delegates from the developing world, please contact us and we will add them to the membership.


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If you want to find out more about Ian and Rosemary Andrews' ministry please visit citadelministries.com

Testimonies from Mentorees

Here are some of the testimonies that have been posted on the Members Forum by the mentorees

- A lady with severe leg pains healed

- Gluten Intolerance healed

- Breast cancer healed

- Crohns disease healed

- Buddhist friend's back healed

- Damaged leg restored and now pain free

- Detailed word of knowledge and a lady is healed in her teeth through God revealing a problem in her kidneys!

- Some mentorees have started "skype"  healing calls and have reported healings from several places all over the country

- Man healed totally of Sciatica in response to a word of knowledge

- Dinner party healing for a witch through a word of knowledge- who now wants to attend church with her daughters!

- Large infected blister and high temperature both healed

- Hip pain disappears in church parking lot as a mentoree prays

- Short arm grows and shoulders straighten

- Advanced stage of cancer healed

- A lady in a wheelchair was greatly touched by the Holy Spirt when a mentoree prayed for her in the aisles!

- Lady healed of chronic asthma as a result of a vision!